Monday, June 23, 2008


One problem with worm farming is soldier fly infestations. BioPod hasn't looked for a solution for soldier flies, it's looked for a use. They can eat a wider range of foods more quickly than worms. Their castings can then be fed to a worm farm. The worms will reprocess it making nice, earthy vermicaste that we are comfortable with.

So, how do worm farmers use this to our advantage. Soldier fly larvae (SFL) are considered the enemy for many worm farmers. This attitude towards SFL means that they are a problem to deal with. We limit foods they prefer, weed them out, kill them off, struggle, fight, scratch and generally waste time trying to get rid of them.

BioPod lets us embrace their strengths. Worm farms with SFL will process a wider range of food wastes more quickly. That is good! The worms will re-process the SFL castings section of the bed in the fullness of time.

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Furniture Rehab said...

Thanks for that! I have a small worm farm and I have struggled with SFL, now I wont worry so much about them.