Monday, June 2, 2008

Reproduction Experiment.

"How many worms is enough to start?" This is a common question from people new to vermiculture. Bentley Christie at Red Worm Composting decided to see what would happen it he started a worm farm with just 4 worms. It was a good result. In less than 6 months he had 100 worms in a new worm farm. If you take 100 and divide it by 2 five times you get 3.125. So, the reproduction rate on worms seems to be a doubling in numbers every month if there is no food or space constraint. Another 6 months and there would have been 6400 worms in the bin is they'd continued to double in numbers monthly. This has been extrapolated simply by multiplying 100 by 2, then 200 by 2... and so on. Obviously there are more variables than you can poke a stick at in vermiculture so mathematical projections are theoretical at best but interesting all the same.

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