Friday, October 26, 2007

Feeding worms.

If you are fattening worms for faster breeding, storage or to give a bin some extra food if you are going away you might want to make up a batch of worm fattener to keep them fat and happy. My goal for worm farming is to turn my rubbish into fertiliser instead of land fill, not to make worms fat. Each to their own though.

Worm Fattener Recipe from Worms of Endearment

1 part agricultural lime, bone meal, or powdered oyster shell (available at nurseries)
2 parts wheat or corn flour
2 parts bran or wheat meal
2 parts alfalfa meal or pellets (available at nurseries or feed stores)
2 parts chicken layer pellets

When I was at the tackle and bait shop buying african nightcrawlers the owner showed me a mysterious substance that his worm grower provides him for feeding the worms he is holding. What he didn't realise was that he was being buying polenta at a substantial markup. Cunning as a frog!

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